Alexander Bachev

A natural-born talent, Alex is a young and motivated kiter from Bulgaria who has quickly gained strong position in the world of Kiteboarding. Since 2009 the sport has become a part of his life. He freestyled in the beginnings, but soon later he switched to racing on a Formula board.Thrilled by the speed and versatility of that class, he worked hard on becoming an elite racer.

The results did not come too late and he won 5th place at the World Championships in Gizzeria in 2016 and 7th position in the World ranking. Gaining experience with the foil, Alex discovered that flying above the water at full speed is one of his true passions. He aims at competing at the highest level and continue to be one of the fastest racers in the world while studying engineering and mathematics.

For the summer heats he selected our 3/2 long-sleeve, short-leg Bros model and looks forward to the next challenges ahead.