Nagai Puntiverio

Nagai was born in the Spanish Basque Country near one of the top surf locations in Spain. His love and dedication to big wave surfing has taken him to many of the best spots in the world including Morocco, Australia, New Zealand, Indonesia, the Philippines, California and Mexico, where he has been charging huge waves, gaining experience and building skills for what comes next.

Besides being a dedicated and relentless big wave rider, competing in some of the important competitions, Nagai is also a devoted surf instructor in Lanzarote, near one of the top spots amond all of the Canary Islands. He accumulated extensive experience after working in surf camps in Spain, Portugal, France, Morocco and Denmark.

Together with his family, Nagai is also developing his own brand of clothing - Las Bajas - which offers handmade, good quality and ecological cotton apparel inspired by his and his family's way of life and perception of the world.

We admire Nagai's skills, courage and love for the ocean and nature and are happy to have him in the Runawave Team. For his participation at La Vaca (The Cow) XXl 2016, we developed his entirely custom version of our 'Bold' model that looks like a cow - to honour the symbol of this important Big Wave Competition which also carries its name.